Victor has an extensive creative background going back to his days at the Kansas City Art Insitute where he not only assisted fellow students creating art at the Central Wood Shop, he also developed his skills as not only a craftsmen but also a creative but taking a wide variety of classed including sculpture, welding, painting, etching, photography, and illustration which included graphic design. He also has an extensive history of apprenticeship is various woodworking shops before he started his own studio in an effort to bring his own pespective of quality and design and combining that with how his client's wanted to live in their space.

Victor has close to fifteen years of tackling unique projects and one of a kind requests for individual pieces of furniture to complete room makeovers including kitchens and baths. An adventurer at heart and never afraid to try new endeavors or view of life, believes this is a such an exciting period to compose projects with the ever so expanding wide array of materials and to be able to combine them with the correct skill sets to help blend and create the perfect space or piece of furniture. Victor has never been shy when presented with an opportunity to try something new and create that very special something for his client.

675 Designs Inc enthusiastically partners with discerning homeowners who appreciate old fashioned one on one service, creative and unique designs, and uncompromising quality! We are here to help you create artful masterpieces for your home with quality and compositions that hold their own regardless of current trends! We strive to create help you create a space that is right for you using tried and true techniques of the masters: including composition, line, color, texture, light, negative space and positive space. We prefer personality-driven design that is based on your own ideas that reflect you, the client and concentrate on how you wish to live.

All in all, the field of kitchen and bath remodeling, creative opportunities are unending. This often leads to projects in other rooms such as bars, studies, fireplaces, offices, and much more where creative opportunities find a blend with modern materials all while enhancing how each and every customer wants to live with style and fondness of the unique! Each project starts off with sketches but words as just as an important to begin the creative process that results in a finished product that exudes creativity, quality, design, and of course, great value!

All in all, we listen, solve, and create! What would you like to create today?

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