Victor Hill lll2018/02/19

Home and Garden Show at Arlington International Racecourse

This was a fun place to have a show! There is certainly a lot going on and homeowners and soon to be owners of a new home are eager to create thier spaces for how they want to live! Snow fortunately came later in the day on Saturday and created a brief winter wonderland. It was really nice to get out in front of those who are ready to make a move and hear what they are looking for. Looking forward to coming back to this place when the horses are running! Special thanks to Scott and Sandy for putting on another well attended show and thank you for all those who stopped by!

Victor Hill lll2018/01/05

Homeshow Listings . . .

Updated Homeshow Listings 2018


Are you looking for design and/or high quality wood products? You can find us at the following shows this year!

Chicago,IL -- January 21-22nd. Drury Inn. Booth 913. Northbrook, IL. Free Admission!

Kansas City, MO --- Feb 9-11th. Booth 2365. American Royals Center.

Chicago, IL -- Feb 17-18th. Booth 1320. Arlington Heights Racecourse. Arlington Heights, IL. Free Admission.

St, Louis, MO --  March 8-11th. Booth 2240. Americas Center. Passes are available!

Chicago, IL -- April 28-29th. Booth #410 Grayslake, IL at the Lake County Fairgrounds. Free Admission!

Victor Hill lll2017/12/24

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and everyone! Thank you for the challenging projects and positive experiences! It is always a treat to view how clients have decorated their homes for the season. Homes  filled wtih compassion, joy, and hope for the coming year exemplified by the lighting of the tree, bringing light to the shortest days of the year and symbolic of brighter and longer days of spring ahead.

Victor Hill lll2017/09/26

Thank You!

Thank you to all who stopped by my booth at the recent Builder's Home and Remodeling Show at the St. Charles Convention Center! I am looking forward to seeing you again and helping you transform your space! Please remember trends may come and go, my designs are inlfuenced by a strong sense of art history in combination with how my client's want to live. See you soon!

Victor Hill lll2017/08/30

Chamber Updates . . .

We are proud to announce we are now a member of the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce! We thought this is a community that has given us a lot over the years and we would like to give back! You can find out link below:

Just a reminder, we are also a proud member of the Winnetka-Northfield Chamber of Commerce located in the surrounding Chicago area.

Victor Hill lll2017/02/25

Upcoming Homeshows:

Upcoming Howeshows listed below:

Victor Hill lll2016/12/30

Spring Homeshows 2017

Upcoming Homeshows for 2017!

Feb 11-12 -- Collinsville, IL. - Collinsville Convention Center. Booth 926

Feb 18-19th -- Chicago, IL. Westin Hotel in Wheeling, IL. Northshore Home and Garden Show. Booth #2.

Feb 25-26th -- Edwardsville, IL - Edwardsville Lutheran High School. Booth 520. Free Admission!

March 9-12 --- St. Louis, MO. HBA Home and Garden Show! Booth 3068 Americas Center. Passes available.

April 22-23 -- Chicago, IL. Westin Hotel in Lombard. Booth 1920. Free Admission.

May 19-21st -- Dallas, TX. Texas Home and Garden Show! Wills Rogers Center. Fort Worth, TX. Booth #521