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Victor Hill lll2017/11/28

Custom Made Tables

Delivered just in time before Thanksgiving! Hand made custom tables both featuring a combination of materials from wood and glass to wood and polished steel. Do you have an idea for furniture in mind? If you have  small space and would like to add a table, consider glass top with an open frame below. You still get adequate light penetration as well as being able to see through the piece so the area still translates into openness without blocking part of the view of the space. Furthermore, tables can also be moved around if need be to serve different purposes or to change the function of the room when need be.

Victor Hill lll2017/11/20

Master Suite

Have you ever thought of renovating your master suite and transforming it into a space that is unified and functions the way you want it to? Using timeless materials like marbles and white cabinetry and millwork is a blend that will never go out of style. Make your space pop by placing rugs or unique free standing furniture where you can and create a nice blend of the permanant and transitory. Feel free to substitute these items if you want to change your style from ecletic to modern or from modern to traditional for which the nuetral permant structure provides a nice base.

You may also change the wall colors as well. Incorporating small narrow pullouts also keeps soaps and other toiletries organzed without having a large closet to do so. Most importantly, create a space that reflects you and how you want to live!

Victor Hill lll2017/11/15

Taj Majal Quartzite Countertops

One of my favorite stones to put on cabinetry and furniture. For a project nestled in the hills overlooking the city of Chesterfield's valley as well Spirit airport.  Partnering with the homeowner to create views of thier kitchen that emanate the same awe one interprets fromt the view from the outside. Quartzite's crystal like appearance from thousands of years of compression and high pressure, with grains of various colors to match the palette of your space combined with its quality of refracting light, is certainly a first class material for sure that will enhance any space with a wow factor and an artful natural pattern of elegance that will never go out of style!

Victor Hill lll2017/10/07

Office and Entertainment Area

Creating a space that combines the useful space of an office as well as a space for entertaining and relaxing. Barn doors are used to change the purpose of the wall of cabinetry from something quite to a more entertaining function. Close to completion, itemizing the space is next. Stay tuned!

Victor Hill lll2017/09/30

Custom Made Furniture

Just a reminder 675 Designs Inc. also offers custom made furniture services to our clientele! looking for that special dining table or coffee table? We will help you design exactly what you are looking for and make it a reality! With such a vast array of materials to build with, we will be happy to tackle your next furniture request!

Victor Hill lll2017/09/18

Hearth Room

With fireplace season fast approaching. do you have a calming place to sit down, keep your feet warm, and enjoy great company? If not, give us a call, we will be happy to partner with you and design a space that works for how you want to live!

Victor Hill lll2017/09/15

Stairwell Bookcases . . .

Stariwells are ofteen unforseen areas that can actually be transformed into much needed organizational storage or added display. Opportunities await to display a prized collection of ceramic or art or even wine. An added touch would be lighting and perhaps clear glass doors.

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